x-back snaps tan

Featured Suspender

These are probably the most popular suspender style we make. The snaps come in either brass or nickle and quite frankly, we love them both. Apparently, our customers are equally split as well, because we sell nearly the same amount of nickle and brass. The actual suspenders come in either tan or black. Your choice, but we think both look great.

Model: X-Back Snap in Brass or Nickle

Materials: Rugged Woven Cotton Blend Webbing, Leather, and Solid Brass or Nickle



These rugged, good looking suspenders are made to be worn for work and recreation, but still look good at the end of the day, wherever you’re at. The straps are solid and the details are real leather with the Better S-Penders logo stamped on the back.

The X-Back Snap model, like all of our suspenders, come in a full range of sizes, so whether you’re Paul Bunyan’s big brother or PeeWee Pete’s shrunk-in-the-wash sibling, we have a size that’ll fit just right.

Suspenders for the Work of Your Life

You’ll probably wear out long before these babies do. We make em functional, comfortable and built to last

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