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We’re really excited about the T-Shirt designs we’ve cooked up for you. We called this one our Inaugural Tee, and it has nothing to do with politics – It’s simply us celebrating our own inauguration into apparel. So, not a massive line extension or anything, but we’re pretty proud of it.

We’re not just a pretty face out there in the woods swinging our chainsaw around. We got design chops too, you know… Okay, well maybe not so much, but we do know someone who does. Not only is she on our side, but she’s a good friend and wears our stuff too.

Website: www.loggersuspenders.com

…So long as it’s black. We took a page out of Henry Ford’s book and decided to just go with simple black T-Shirts, and reverse out white graphics for this shirt design. Prefer a tan colored shirt? No problem – we have that too with our other T-Shirts design which we call The Pinup. Want The Pinup on a black shirt or The Inaugural on a tan shirt? Sorry Bub, no dice right now, but if you’re Jones-ing for them, let us know and we’ll see what we can do.

100% Cotton These are nice heavyweight cotton tees that look great and wear well. Being cotton though, they will shrink a little (especially if you wash em in hot water.. you do wash em right…?) so size accordingly. Nobody wants today’s super cool show-off your stuff t-shirt to be tomorrow’s shrunken hankie do they? So don’t wash em in hot water okay?

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